We have remained undefeated

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In the last matches of the season we have chance to play for the 5th position in the ranking. In a balanced game we obtained the victory in front of our supporters. 

HC Odorhei played the decisive game against Dunărea Călăraşi. It was the 2nd round of play-off. 
We started better, we could not distanced, but we permanently led by 1-2 goas. Halftime score 13-12.

The second half was similar to the first one. Szász András was unstoppable, Andrei Mihalcea scored the 7m-shots. 

We won the game - that means we will play for the 5th position, the adversary will be known on Saturday: HC Vaslui or Poli Timişoara.

National League, play-off, 2nd round, 3rd match:

HC Odorhei–Dunărea Călărași 26–25 (13–12)
General score: 2–1.
Scorers: Mihalcea 8, Szász 6, Onyejekwe, Peric 3-3, Ojleski, Markez 2–2, Kuzmanoski, Komogorov 1-1.
7m-shots: 5/4, respectively 3/3.
Eliminations: 4x2-3x2 min.

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