We took our chance

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We led throughout the game, in a great atmosphere we broke the curse of the last play-offs. We need one more victory for the semifinal. 

The first match of the first phase, play-off was played in Odorhei, against HC Constanța. 

The boys had a great start and quickly took the lead. Constanța fought as well, before halftime the difference was only a goal between the two teams. Halftime score: 11-9.

In the second half we continued our good game, in defense and attack as well. Our goalkeeper Rangel Luan da Rosa had great saves too. We won the first match, the second one will be played in Constanța on Monday, 10th April, at 19.30 hrs.

National League, play-off, first phase, first match:

HC Odorhei–HC Constanța 27–22 (11–9)
Scorers: Szász, Baranau, Komogorov 4-4, Mihalcea, Ghiță, Kuzmanoski, Onyejekwe 3-3, Peric 2, Tálas 1.
7m-shots: 5/4, respectively 3/1.
Eliminations: 4x2-2x2 min.

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