Preparing for the next phase

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Two juniors teams of Odorhei are waiting for the next stage. The smallest will play in the second phase. 

This week ended the group phases of the national championship. The juniors 1 and 2 of CSS-HC Odorhei have qualified for the semifinals, the juniors 3 obtained a victory (photo), but they did not qualified for the next round.

The juniors 1 will start the semifinal tournament next week. The tournament will take place in Onești. The team coached by Sipos Lóránt will have games between 22-26 March. The participants:LPS Tg. Jiu, LPS Vaslui, Farul Constanța, Media București, CSS Sibiu. The best two teams will qualify for the final.

The juniors 4 will organize the county final this weekend. On Saturday and Sunday 12 teams will play in the Sports Hall of Odorhei. Two teams of HC Odorhei will also participate in this tournament.

Juniors 1 championship, group phase, last stage: 

LPS Cluj Napoca–CSS-HC Odorhei 27–42 (14–20)
Scorers: Bilibók Zsolt 9, Fekete Dániel 8, Mihály Zsolt 5, Jére Róbert, Izvineantu Flavius 4-4, Lőrinczi Lehel, Pál Szilárd 3-3, Szakács Tamás 2, Telegdy Attila, Kiss Sándor, Caba Liviu, Botas Alexandru 1-1.

Juniors 2:

CSS Sighișoara-CSS-HC Odorhei  33–26 (13–13)
Scorers: Kiss Sándor 8, Szász Előd 6, Caba Liviu 4, Gáspár Lehel, Hadnagy Lóránt 2-2, Lőrinczi Lehel, Csergő Kristóf, Bartalis Béla, Marosi Zoltán 1-1.

Juniors 3:

CSS Ghimbav–CSS-HC Odorhei 29–30 (14–11)
Scorers: Katona Tamás 14, Tankó László, Tófalvi Krisztián 5-5, Mátyás Demeter, Hintz Árpád 2-2, Demeter Zsolt, Udrescu Dániel 1-1.

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