We have shared the points

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We led most part of the game hoping in victory. We lost two points in the final game.

On Wednesday afternoon HC Odorhei played at Poli Timișoara's home. It was a balanced game, at least in the first part. We took the lead for the first time in the 21st minute. Halftime score: 16-16

We started well the second part, due to Maksim Baranau-Vitaly Komogorov-Cristian Ghiță we were in advantage. Unfortunately we have got only one point at the end. 

National League, 23rd stage, regular season:

Poli Timișoara –HC Odorhei 31–31 (16–16)
Scorers: Baranau 10, Ghiță 7, Komogorov 5, Szász 4, Peric, Onyejekwe 2-2, Ojleski 1.
7m-shots: 4/3, respectively 3/2.
Eliminations: 1x2-4x2 min. 

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